Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Carnival Of Spiders (A Collection: 1984-1996) [Full CD] - 2008

An exclusive to Earful Of Noize, Carnival Of Spiders contains an amalgam of material spanning the years 1984 to 1996.

From AMG: Dead Can Dance combine elements of European folk music -- particularly music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance -- with ambient pop and worldbeat flourishes. Their songs are of lost beauty, regret and sorrow, inspiration and nobility, and of the everlasting human goal of attaining a meaningful existence.

Over the course of their career, Dead Can Dance has featured a multitude of members, but two musicians have remained at the core of the band -- guitarist Brendan Perry and vocalist Lisa Gerrard. Perry had previously been the lead vocalist and bassist for the Australian-based punk band the Scavengers, a group who were never able to land a recording contract. In 1980, Perry left the group and began experimenting with electronic music, particularly tape loops and rhythms. In 1981, Perry formed Dead Can Dance with Lisa Gerrard, Paul Erikson, and Simon Monroe. By 1982, Perry and Gerrard decided to relocate to London; Erikson and Monroe decided to stay in Australia. Further info can be found at at AMG here.

The Trial - 1984
Frontier - 1984
East Of Eden - 1984
The Cardianl Sin - 1985
Advent - 1985
Indoctrination (A Design For Living) - 1985
Severance - 1988
The Writing On My Father's Hand - 1988
Chant Of The Paladin - 1988
The Song Of The Sibyl - 1990
Black Sun - 1990
Wilderness - 1990
Towards The Within - 1993
Tell Me About The Forest (You Once Called Home) - 1993
Spider's Stratagem - 1993
Song Of The Dispossessed - 1996
Dedicacé Outò - 1996

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