Monday, June 23, 2008

Reckless Sleepers - Big Boss Sounds [Full CD] - 1988

In 1988, the group Reckless Sleepers came together. Jules Shear was the lead vocalist in the group. Initially Elliot Easton (lead guitarist for The Cars) was to be a member as well, but that didn't work out, and Elliot instead ended up recording a solo record (Change No Change) with Jules doing all of the co-writing.

Guitarist Jimmy Vivino should be familiar to anyone who watches Conan O'Brien, as he is in the house band the Max Weinberg Seven, and leads it when Max is on tour with Springsteen.

The debut (and only) CD is full of great tunes, but only one was actually written by Jules: "If We Never Meet Again" which was a minor hit in the States.

Jules Shear (lead vocal, guitar)
Jimmy Vivino (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Brian Stanley (bass, vocals)
Steve Holley (drums)

Tried To Please Her
This Heart
I Wake Up Loving You
If We Never Meet Again
Big Before It Bursts
Mary Lou
Big Boss Sounds
Notting Hill Gate
It Came Quick (And It Didn't Stay Long)

256 .mp3 (vbr)

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