Thursday, May 29, 2008

8 Ball Salad 1 [Full CD, 2008 Remaster] - 1988

May, 2008 - Digitally transferred from the original 1988 Maxell XL-IIS chrome tape by Feck. Further remastered by Uncle Spellbinder

This 1988 compilation of 8 Ball Salad artists is beyond description. Experimental, electronic, post punk, avant garde maybe? In any event, be afraid. Be very afraid.

China Crisis - Hallucination Layer
Civil Rights Students - Powder Monkey
The eXservant - The eXservants
Communist Sympathizer - Hallucination Layer
In this Final Hour - Hallucination Layer
Pseudo Dada - The eXservants
Security Police Wouldn't - The eXservants
Soika (Next in Line) - The eXservants
Laura Ognovich - The eXservants
Innundo - Isolation
Undue Emphasis - Glass of Glaucoma
Green Light Means Go - Isolation with John Kruper Mellon-Head
Gentleman's Agreement - Powder Monkey

Part 1:
Part 2:
245 LAME v3.97 mp3 (vbr)

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